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The Weigh Station

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What Makes the Weigh Station Different?

We know that many people who come to us have tried different ways to lose weight. Unfortunately, many weight loss methods do not have long-term effects. Why? Because these diet and exercise programs only address the symptoms, not the cause of the problem. In fact, many of the popular weight loss programs are designed to keep people coming back.

The Weigh Station sees it differently. We want you to succeed in your weight loss goals, and use the skills we teach you to maintain a healthy lifestyle without dependence.  We want to educate our patients so they know how to make nutritious choices. In fact, our ultimate goal is to never see you as a patient again!  Through counseling and nutrition education, our patients are well prepared to make good food choices in their everyday life. More importantly, they develop the confidence to make the right decisions that will keep their weight off long term, improve their health and enjoy a better quality life.

Losing Weight the Healthy Way

Regardless of your circumstances, The Weigh Station can help you. Maybe you have tried other diets or weight loss programs and failed, or maybe this is your first time considering a serious commitment to weight loss. Whatever your reasons are for reading this page, we are here to help!

Our program is centered on the concepts of physician managed weight loss and support. Because your experience is physician managed, your progress will be monitored by a doctor who will ensure that you are losing weight in a healthy, sustaining way. Additionally, the doctor will spend time consulting with you and holding you accountable. This is important because we know that no two individuals are the same and only through doctor consultations can the best decisions be made for your success.

You will also have the support from our Program Technicians, Nurses and our Registered Dietitian.  They will be available to support, guide and motivate you throughout your weight loss journey.  We understand the challenges that patients face and are dedicated to offering support and advice that we know can make a difference in helping someone change their life.

Contact info & hours of operation:

Roanoke: 540.982.0250

Christiansburg: 540.381.2670

Richmond: 804.270.6000


Christiansburg: Open Tues, Wed & Fri  from 8 am – 5 pm; Thur  8 am – 7 pm.  Closed Mondays.

Roanoke: Open Mon, Wed and Thur from 7:30 am – 5pm.  Tue open from 7:30 am – 7 pm.  Closed Friday.

Richmond: Open Monday through Thursday.  Please call for an appointment (804).270.6000

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